Buy Gold Bars UK Online

Buy Gold Bars UK Online

Buy Gold Bars UK Online

The most reputable gold bar dealers you can buy gold from in the UK

In the UK, gold is the only precious metal that does not have a twenty percent VAT attached to it. And a lot of investors in the UK, like buying gold bars online.

Do you intend to buy gold bars in the UK someday? Do you know the reputable gold bar dealers you can buy gold from in the UK? If you don’t know any, we will provide you with details about them

So, here are the most reputable gold bar dealers you can buy gold from in the UK:

ATS Bullion

In London city, ATS Bullion is the biggest bullion dealer. They are located in the Strand, settled in the popular Savoy Court. They sell LBMA-approved gold bars, which are also called “Good Delivery” bars–a lot of billionaire and millionaire investors do business with them because of this. ATS Bullion offers its investors a high level of security and anonymity.

There are certain locations that ATS Bullion delivers their products for free. They have an excellent delivery service. You can reserve your product, you can pay for your products online or you can pay before you pick it up in-store.

Apart from Good Delivery bars, ATS Bullion also sells limited amounts of silver bullion, Royal Mail Proof Sets, One Ounce Gold Coins, and Gold Sovereigns. Also, as a customer, you can sell your gold to ATS Bullion. All you need to do is go to any of their offices, they will evaluate it and give you a price.


They call themselves the “World’s biggest online bullion market”. Their headquarters is located in London. They keep their silver and gold in vaults that are around Singapore, Toronto, New York, Zurich, and London. They have one of the cheapest charges in the gold market–they charge 0.50 percent to either sell or buy silver or gold. Bullion Vaults are one of the best gold dealers you can buy gold bars from in the UK. One try will convince you of that.


Harrods Bank

This is another reputable gold bar dealer that you can buy gold bars from in the UK. Their focus is on gold investment-grade bullion. Unlike their name, thei major focus is not on “show” pieces or collectibles.

Harrods Bank has a vast selection of PAMP bars in London city. They prioritize reputation and quality more than others who just concentrate on the Royal Mint. If you value the security of your investment and the reputation of a hold dealer, Harrods Bank is the best choice for you. But if what you prioritize is the wide range of bullion that a company has, then Harrods Bank may not be a good choice for you.

The Royal Mint

This is a trusted gold dealer you can bullion bars and bullion coins from. They are very popular in the United Kingdom. The Sovereign also called the “the chief coin of the world” and the iconic Britannia are their flagship bullion coins. Some of their other ranges are the Myths and Legends series, The Royal Arms, and The Queen’s Beasts.

While their wide range of gold bullion coins is exempted from VAT, their platinum coins, silver, and gold are exempt from Capital Gains Tax for only residents of the United Kingdom.

They have a large range of platinum, silver, and gold bullion bars in different weights, from one gram to one kilogram. Their well-known bullion bar range has an amazing new interpretation of Britannia, and the complex design gives the bar a high level of security. Their Gold bullion bars are free from Value Added Tax (VAT).

The Royal Mint provides free delivery on orders of bullion coins and bars that are more than £250 in the whole of the UK. As an investor, they give you an option of storing your investment in The Vault-which is their safe storage facility.


Baird & Co was founded in 1976. So, they have over 50 years of experience in the golf industry. They are part of the UK’s leading full-service bullion traders, refiners, and manufacturers. They work with a team of experienced industry experts and they have a global reputation for integrity and a great history of market activity.

Baird & Co also produces and trades a large number of bullion products for their investors.

Some of their products Includes:

  • Powders, grain, sheet, strip, and wire.
  • Finished wedding rings and wedding ring blanks.
  • Coin blanks and bullion coins from all over the world.
  • Smaller gold bars are distributed in tamper-proof packaging.
  • Cast and minted gold bars in different weights.

They are located in the East of London within easy reach of Canary Wharf and London City Airport. They have an excellent customer service team that quickly responds to inquiries from customers. They have safe storage facilities and they also buy back precious metals from their customers.

How to select a reputable gold bar dealer

Now that you are aware of the reputable gold bar dealers you can buy gold bars from in the UK, what you should look out for when choosing a reputable gold bar dealer.

The reputation of a gold dealer is very important and one way you can measure that as a customer is by going through the gold dealer’s transaction history. Do they have plenty of positive customer reviews? Usually, a company that has plenty of customer reviews are is trustworthy.

Here are some of the important things you should look out for when selecting a reputable gold bar dealer:

How long they have been in operation

You must find out how long a particular gold bar dealer has been operating before you buy the gold bar from them. It is better you buy from a gold dealer that has been operating for a long number of years–because it shows that they are well-established. Gold dealers like Monex and Kitco have been operating for more than 30 years.

Payment options

A lot of reputable online gold bar dealers accept these payment options: Bitcoin, PayPal, Bank wire transfers, money orders, checks, credit cards, and debit cards. So, a gold dealer should be able to accept your desired payment option. Many of them charge between three to four percent fee for credit card purchases.

Transparent pricing

Gold prices are not stable, they always fluctuate. That is why you must ensure that the gold dealer you want to buy from has transparent pricing that is based on updated prices. Most of the best online gold dealers don’t demand additional fees or commissions, but you need to confirm that before you conclude your transaction with them.

They should have buyback and return policies

A reputable gold dealer should have buyback and return policies. You should be able to return a product you bought from them at least within 3 days. Also, find out if they have a restocking fee and how much it costs.

They should have a physical company headquarters

Any reputable gold bar dealer you want to buy gold bars from should have a physical office that you can walk into to do business with. If they have an online presence, go through their website and look for a valid phone number and office address. Don’t rely on any gold dealer that only has a P.O.Box. address.


As someone who intends to buy gold bars from any of the above gold bar dealers, you must learn how to diversify. There are still slim chances that you may buy fake gold bars. Instead of buying from only one gold bar dealer, buy from different gold dealers to reduce the risk of losing a lot of money. If a gold dealer you intend to buy online gold bars from lacks all the attributes of a reputable gold dealer that we outlined, then, you should not buy from them.

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