Buy Cheap Gold Bars Online

Buy Cheap Gold Bars Online

Buy Cheap Gold Bars Online

Countries you can buy the cheapest gold from

Investing in gold is a great investment decision. If you want your assets to be secured, you should consider investing in gold because there are a lot of benefits to investing in it.

There are certain countries where you can buy cheap gold coins from. Here is a list of the countries you can buy the cheapest gold from:

Hong Kong

The country you can currently buy the cheapest gold from is Hong Kong going by listed face value prices. You can buy one ounce of gold coin for 1,936 dollars. You can easily buy gold in Hong Kong at a lower premium than when it is compared to other countries. But if you want to get the lowest prices of gold in Hong Kong, you need to go to any of the banks there. But that doesn’t mean you can’t buy gold at lower prices online in Hong Kong but online purchases usually have a markup added to them. But the markup is not bad if the amount is fair.

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom is another country where you can buy cheap gold from. Some ounce of gold is sold for 1,979 dollars at the time this article was written. Also, the least price for gold coins in the United Kingdom comes with a one hundred dollars premium.


The one-ounce Canadian Maple Leaf gold coin costs 1,978 dollars. It is one of the best and safest investments you can make in the world. Their gold coins have different purities and weights and purities and they can make an amazing addition to any coin collection. Certain Canadian gold coins are made in limited mintages, thus giving them the potential for collectibility value. The Royal Canadian Mint makes some of the finest gold coin products in the whole world.


One ounce of gold in Liechtenstein goes for 1,972 dollars. Apart from having cheap gold prices, you can also store your gold with them at a reasonable amount.


If you want to buy gold at a cheap price, Australia is one of the best places you can buy it from. You can get one ounce of gold coin for 1,962 dollars.


Gold in Singapore is very cheap. You can get one ounce of gold there for 1,960 dollars. The beautiful thing about Singapore is that they also have one of the best places you can store your gold and other precious metals in. In Singapore, they have a large number of places that you can buy gold from. So, you are open to a wide range of choices.

Cayman Islands

The gold prices in the Cayman Islands are very cheap, you can buy an ounce of gold for 1,958 dollars and they also have great storage facilities for you to store your gold safely in. So, you don’t have to bother about where to store the gold you purchased.


In Austria, an ounce of gold coins goes for 1,948 dollars. You can buy newly minted gold coins in Vienna. Austria and Vienna have fantastic places for storing gold. In Vienna, you can buy newly minted gold coins there.

United States

You can also buy cheap gold in the United States. There are certain times when the United States provides special deals to people at a very low price–sometimes, the price can go below that of Hong Kong. An ounce of gold in the US goes for 1,948 dollars.


This is one of the countries you can buy cheap gold from. One ounce of gold coins goes for 1,943 dollars. Switzerland also has a lot of great options for storing your gold safely.

The United Arab Emirates (UAE)

Dubai is one of the cities that make up the UAE. They are popularly known as the “City of Gold” because of several reasons. They have a complete souk that is dedicated to selling gold. Dubai is another place you can buy cheap gold from because they are exempted from taxes. A lot of people go there to buy gold because of how cheap it is there–they only pay for the value of the gold jewelry and nothing else. But in 2018, they included a five percent  Value Added Tax (VAT) on any product that is bought. Even with this tax, gold is still reasonably cheap in Dubai when it is compared with the gold prices of other places. Tourists are free to claim VAT refunds in the UAE for all the purchases they made in the country. Compared to other countries, VAT is the only kind of tax that is imposed on gold purchases in Dubai. But in countries like India, they pay excise duty tax, with Goods and Services Tax (GST) apart from VAT on all gold purchases that are made.

India and Thailand are some other countries you can buy gold from.

Where you can store gold

If you successfully buy your gold at a  cheap price, you should learn how to store them especially if you bought physical gold. Don’t take the storage of your physical gold for granted–it is very important.

There are certain places you can store your gold so you can keep them safe. Here are some of the places where you can store gold:


You can store your physical gold in a bank. There are a lot of banks that allow you to rent out a safety deposit box. You can safely keep your gold in that box but you will need to pay an expensive fee to leave it there. And if you are an American citizen, you would be made to report your gold to the IRS.

Home safe

This is another place you can store your gold. You can store your gold in your home safe. Buying a home safe is quite expensive but it is worth it because it will keep your gold safe during a robbery attack or a fire incident.

Offshore gold storage

This is the best way of storing your gold. Storing your gold abroad is a safe and great option that is cost-effective and will prevent you from reporting obligations if you are an American. If you want to diversify and protect your assets, offshore gold storage is the best option you should consider. Plus, you are protected from your country’s government if you store gold outside your country.

There are certain important things you should know before you decide to store your gold offshore. Here are some of them:

  1. Don’t store your gold in the United States if you are American. Avoid storing your gold in countries that belong to the European Union. The European Union and the United State government may tax your gold storage and set restrictions that may not be favorable to you. Don’t store your gold in countries that are largely influenced by bigger countries. These smaller countries may currently not show possible signs but since they are influenced by bigger countries, they can easily be pressured into making certain changes that will affect the gold that you stored there.
  2. Store your gold in a place that you can easily access if the need for it arises. Your gold should be stored in a stable country that has a great reputation.
  3. Ensure you store your gold in a safe country and look out for the safety of the vault or storage facility you want to use.
  4. Store your gold in a place where language will not be a barrier. It will be very difficult for you to communicate properly if you want to store your gold in a place whose language you don’t understand.

What are some of the best countries to store your gold in?

Switzerland is one of them and they have been operating for a long time. They have a positive reputation and good reviews from customers that have used them. Singapore is also one of the best places you can store your gold in. Also, New Zealand is another country you can safely store your gold. They are reliable and trustworthy.


If you are looking for the best way of diversifying your assets, investing in gold is the best option. But before you do, you should first consider the type of gold you want to buy, where to store it, and where you want to buy it. If you do proper research before buying gold, you will make a good deal. Don’t also forget that gold is more valuable than paper currency and it is a great asset.

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